Unisa To Manage Long Queues And Avoid Stampede

PICTURE: Skills Academy

With the Tertiary institutions coming under spotlight again on Monday following chaos at the University of South Africa (UNISA).

As the University was only allowing 20 prospective students on the premises to register during the time for the 2018 Academic Year, dozens became restless and attempted to climb over the gates and breaking locks to gain access in order to register with many late applications still hoping to be accepted.

This happened after the premises were locked and the staff was told to leave the premises, as angry students broke down the gates and gained access to the University grounds.

Last week similar incident happened when the Capricorn TVET College in Polokwane which resulted with two prospective students being hospitalized and several more being injured during the stampede when students were applying and others returning back to secure a place of study.

The Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) and the South African Student Congress (Sasco) has both made demands to the registration fee to be removed and write off the students outstanding debts, while the University has made a promises to manage queues properly and try to avoid stampede at the premises during the registration process.

According to a statement that was given by Unisa representatives, they have measures in place to make sure that the student registrations are done in a proper manner and without any disruptions.

“We will try and avoid any form of stampede and manage the queues properly. As we speak now, there are people already lined up outside our campus in Sunnyside and as soon as the gates open and staff is in, we’ll manage the queues properly and we’ll avoid any form of stampede.”