Local DJ Becoming The Future Of ‘Gqom’

Ndabezinhle Sibiya | The Republic Mail

Aspiring local DJ from Cape Town was born and raised in Eastern Cape from the streets of a small village called Tshoxa just outside King Williams town, Siyasanga Jack (30) better known by his stage name Siya Maestro.

 Siya joined an institution called Soul Candy, his room at this point had turned into his space of experience where his personal computer provided the basics in becoming a DJ and brand. His mother played a role in guiding his career options by advising him to have something to fall back on even though she believed in the dream he had, he then enrolled for a National Diploma in Retail Business Management which was successfully completed in 2017.

With the knowledge he grasped he ventured into workshops where he landed at Redbull Cape Town Studios in elevating his craft to the next level and not only being a well-known DJ in the Western Cape but in the entertainment industry as well. He started hosting events in clubs around town as he felt there was a slight gap therefore he has seen an opportunity in this by giving generations to come a chance to showcase their talent. Siya together with his friends came up with the concept “All Denim Experience” which was a success in creating creative spaces from art to music and fashion just to mention a few across the province.

The love of music found its way in him at an early age which sparked a passion in becoming a music conductor; it had always been a drive in him as wherever he found himself surrounded, music was literally almost tangible that it was more of a path set for him.

The local DJ started his journey in the music industry with Deep House however he believes in keeping it relevant as he then ventured into Gqom where his music is different from what is already existent as it contains a fuse of Gqom with Mzanzi Hip Hop Acapella which makes it unique. His purpose in his craft is to take people to a spiritual journey where he conveys his story through music and make people understand where Siya Maestro is taking them and what his about.

As a young creative he came along challenges specifically because of where he comes from as he was repeatedly underestimated and was told that he is not good enough to pull it off in becoming a House DJ in town however resilience was what he had as giving up was never part of the plan because of his he love for music, “I have one thing that keeps me going, “It’s always good to be underestimated because nobody ever sees you coming,” Siya said.

Being humble and a work in progress artist is what he wants to be recognized as, in entertaining and inspiring fans in doing better on everything their hearts race out for no matter the fails but always try again. He will be hosting an event called KasiFlava which will be held on the 31 March 2018 at Castle of Goodhope in Cape Town where kasi lifestyle will be celebrated and house all young creative to showcase and sell their brands to uplift kasi economy. SM Marketing and Communication Company owned by Siya aims to uplifting young creatives in building a platform for upcoming artists which was something he never had.