The Rising Of Maskandi Star

PICTURE: Sibonelo Buthelezi

The deeply rooted Thandolwethu Ndlovu (24) aka Gene is a singer and writer who prides himself with his culture. Influential figures such as the likes of Sandile Mbongwa birthed his love for Maskandi music at an early age.

Born and raised in Mnambithi , Kwahlathi, Ezihlabathini in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). Gene writes his own lyrics for his songs and said that during his schooling years at Sgweje High School,is where he fell in love with writing. Being aware of his writing skills at an early age he started singing and has since focused on growing in his music as a Maskandi artist.

Gene is willing to conquer his challenges every step of the way and says that the only challenge he is currently facing is not being able to promote his music, also hopes that his music crosses all language barriers by reaching out to different cultural groups. “To the people who do not understand the zulu language I hope my music will also touch you,” Gene said.  His ‘Engathi Unemilingo’ track is being received well since its release late last year

In-order to get his creative energy flowing he listens to different music genres that help him create a sound he would like his fans to appreciate at the end of  putting in hard-work. When he comes across difficulties in his life and especially in his music career, Gospel music keeps him going, says the singer. The type of music he does is Maskandi, which is an authentic sound with guitar variations and an auto-tune like voice that can be detected by those that know the genre very well.

“Nothing sets me apart from other Maskandi artists but my cognizance of the genre, dates way back and although I have added my own touch, I continue to keep the original distinctive sound that still resonates with people,” he said.

He released his debut album titled “Engathi Unemilingo” on the 8th of December 2017, doing well after its release and received well in the local music scene, in KZN.  Gene says that he still taking in his fans responses to the album before he commits to new projects which he is set to work on later on in the year.

Facebook: Thandolwethu Ndlovu