A Beauty Queen In The Making

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The bold and fearless Mashego Keditlhotse Motswete (23) is a beautician who discovered her talent for African hairdressing artistry at an early age.

While growing up, it was a teen “thing” in her area where they would style up each other’s hair, doing it out of a norm. It had never crossed her mind that her hands would bare art and confidence as during this point in her life everything was a blur. Mashego realised how good she was with hair plating so she figured it would be conducive to use her skills and practice on people closest to her which was her family and teachers so she could better herself even more where necessary.

After completing her matric she started working at a deadlock hair salon to gain experience and consider diversity. Before she was ready to make this work on her own, she worked in three other salons to feed herself and dig deeper.

Mashego started a brand called MKAB (Masego Keditlhotse African Beauty) and in 2016 she worked on promoting her brand so that people would recognize her. It’s true that little things show the greatest effort as she started making appointments and house calls.

Challenges arise but it is about how you overcome them, it was hard for her to own a business especially at her age as she walked through being undermined ,disrespected and not having  a proper working place which often got overwhelming for her as a personal stylist working alone. “Because I have love and passion for what I do, I don’t let anyone keep me down,” said beautician.

What has always motivated her is where she comes from, with that said she appreciates hard working women and it drives her more in being the best she can be. A Hairdresser, Stylist, Nail Tech and soon to be a Masseuse.

“I am a full package at the age of 23 and I am proud to say I am unique, “she said. Mashego aspires to own a spa combined with a salon and being a professional stylist for famous people. The deepest desire she has is to train and groom other young people to help improve their lifestyles and let them know that working hard pays off.

Mashego is currently sticking to popularity demands as beauty has a lot of things but guidance is the people. Paying attention to people’s needs and complaints is vital because when clients are satisfied your business flourishes. She encourages many to know their passion, push it and never let anyone stop it. “See your dream, imagine it and run for it.”

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