A New Sound To Turn The Decks Up

PICTURE: Thuso "2SMAN" Moloke

The rise of Makabongwe Dingiswayo (26) aka Spyc9T1, unearthing a new found courage in the pursuit of making it big as a DJ, he is already climbing up the success and recognition ladder in his community.

His calling to start mixing the decks, had been a postponed dream for many years. After experiencing his first ever, Black Coffee set back in 2006, which sparked a passion that led him in 2011 to embark on his journey as a DJ.

Born and raised in Kagiso, a township in the Westrand of Johannesburg. Spyc was a typical young individual who had dreams and ambitions that he knew one day he would have to pave a way in chasing them and making them come true.

Before he pursued his DJ’ing career he dropped out of varsity twice, he never looked back but remained aligned as a DJ. Although it has not always been an easy road, he has had his fair share of challenges that he overcame and is yet to conquer along the way.

“Rejection is always something one faces and it is discouraging in the beginning,” Spyc said.

“Gigs are my source of income and currently it has been a challenge to get bookings that pay enough for me to sustain a living and reinvest in my music career. However I am working on it and it requires patience,” he said.

Spyc creates his own mix sets that are titled “Endaweni”, meaning at a place (clubs, pubs, festivals etc. He listens to different music genres such as Rnb, Jazz, and Hip Hop just to name a few. To help him tap into his creative side to make new music he listens to his mood, past experiences and what he feels in the present moment.

He is strictly a House DJ by profession but with a trail of other expertise sounds  he occasionally plays around with his mixing techniques and adds them in his mix sets to give a distinctive twist in his music. The support of his friends and family has kept him going through life’s hardships and always putting God first.

In his music he hopes to inspire people that look up to him and leave an influential legacy in the music industry. Spyc says what sets him apart from other DJ’s is his image, respect, humbleness and focus.

Fans should be on the lookout for his underground mix that is set to be released at the end of this month. Through Deep Under KG (DUKG) and he will be working on his 6th Saga Endaweni mix for an online radio show.
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