Noordgesig Primary School Protest Continues

PICTURE: The Citizen

Today marks the second day of the 2018 academic year, after the schools had re-opened, with protest still continuing at the Noordgesig Primary School in Soweto.

Yesterday parents gathered at the school, disrupting the teaching and learning as they kept protesting about the new appointed black principal who was chosen late last year, without the consultation of parents and following the proper procedure.

With the protest that took place, parents were in demand that either they speak to the MEC or the Head of Department.

Parents and community members were trying to prevent the school from teaching and learning by burning tyres and blocking roads, police officers dispersed the crowd with rubber bullets, stun grenades and tear gas resulting in several people being injured and rushed to the nearest hospital and one protester who was believed to be shot with live ammunition.

This has been an on-going issue with parents accusing the education department of overlooking coloured candidates in favour of black candidates for the position.

It is believed that the new appointed principal is known as being abusive from the previous school he worked at and parents could not allow the teaching to continue if the matter was not resolved.

The department Steve Mabona said the meeting with the HOD will be today afternoon to discuss the matter of the new black principal with the concerned parents as intended.