Cape Town Water Restrictions To Be Intensified

PICTURE: Leila Dougan

After level 6 water restrictions were introduced earlier this month in the Cape Town City, Mayor Praticia De Lille reported that most Capetonians still exceeded the daily limit and as a result newly proposed level 6B water restrictions will be voted upon on Friday.

In a statement, the Mayor said residence in Cape Town still use more than 87 litres of water per person per day which the law prevails but soon that could cost them.

On Friday, the council is expected to vote to introduce Level 6B water restrictions which will further reduce the target from 87 to 50 litres per day per person.

The city Council will also consider whether it should scrap a proposed drought levy in favour of penalty charges which will see significant increases in the bills of water guzzlers.

As a result of the findings,day zero is likely to become a reality sooner than expected.

The Mayor said the City might approach Day Zero on 21 April as the result of the 60% of Capetonians who are ignoring water limits.

“And it’s quite unbelievable that the majority of people do not seem to care and are sending all of us head-long towards day zero. At this point, we must assume that they will not change their behaviour,” says de Lille.

The new daily collective consumption target is now 450 million litres per day.

De Lille made this announcement despite being stripped off her duties of managing the drought crisis by the Democratic Alliance.