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PICTURE: Sean da G

Up-and-coming African rooted Music Producer Sean Edward Falani is better known by Sean da Guru, he is a Johannesburg born breed and second born of four. Being a Kwaito artist was his first attempt in getting into the industry.

Sean da Guru is an all-rounder sound engineer who creates many genres. He has produced and engineered Hip Hop with the likes of Nasty-C, YBK, Zakwe , Gemini just to mention a few as well as House, RnB , Nigerian, Pop and Afro Pop. AfroBeats such as EMA,El Drizzy and Third Eye.

After matric in 2001 he went on a journey in pursuing his dream. It had always been about the music for him, in this point of discovery of intuition he was under the wing of the legendary Junior Sokhela who is known for Boom Shaka Fame. He was one of the people who made sure he mounted in the ladder to fame as he gave Sean the platform to explore and was also his biggest influence in his music career. A year later he met Robin Kohl of Jazzworx studios who also raised the bar higher in his success as he mentored him on how music creation works, already at this point of his career he was an artist but believed he could find an identity in him that could give him purpose, which was being a sound engineer.

When the artists mother passed on, being alone and not having a parent figure in his life made it difficult however in the mist of his healing he decided to have his own studio called 031 Records where it was all setup with a computer, with no software and proper monitoring speakers but he pushed for things to happen anyway, he then approached Bra X from the famously known Jazz Band African Jazz Pioneers who gave him his first sound card and software,this was the beginning of a fruitful future.

“Music was something I just like doing, which grew into something I love doing and eventually became something I’m comfortable doing and that’s when the “career” aspect of it came to play and also because I actually enjoyed being on the controls and tweaking people’s music production, I fell in love with all the sound equipment and interface I was seeing on the computer screen,” said Sean.

Sean’s motivation is a desperate need for a better future for his family and seeing his music capabilities grow and listening to his music that he has worked for tirelessly being played on radio and television, that on its own would be priceless for him. At the moment he is working on a duo project titled Guru Generals which will be released under Jemotech Studios. The project is said to be a mixture of Soulful and Commercial House and is set to hit mainstream later this year but singles will be released and are currently going through the mastering process. The first single  features talented music veterans Manqoba Mtungwa who has produced music for the likes of Big Nuz , Mondli , Juicy just to name a few.

He is also working on a Nigerian born artist EMA whose anticipated album is pending to be released with two videos namely “Run Things” and “Ohh NA NA” , with a third one making its way titled “Bad Girl”.

Greatness is to be expected from the artist and a lot of transformational moves, he looks forward to growing his Public Relations Company called Sean Sky Communications. “By putting my faith in God I am hoping to release two albums and mentor a new female rapper, “Lucie Will” who I have been working with and put her in the mainstream map this year.