DA Blames ANC Following ‘Mogale City Monday Shutdown’


The Democratic Alliance (DA) has called for calm in Krugersdorp after houses belonging to alleged drug lords and other criminal elements were torched by community members.

Protesters who gathered at the Kagiso police station near Krugersdorp in a call against drug dealing in the community and march against the influx of undocumented foreign nations and crimes that include drugs and human trafficking believed to be taking place in the area were shot at with rubber bullets and arrested by police officers on Monday.

In a statement the DA said it blames the African National Congress (ANC) for these acts and has called for Home Affairs and the police to act accordingly if the allegations on documentation of foreigners are true.

“Recent vigilante acts in Krugersdorp and violent protests by residents to shut the town down are clear signs that residents have lost faith in the ability of the ANC government and South African Police Service (SAPS) to keep communities safe,” said the DA.

According to reports, the community members claim police are not doing enough to eradicate drugs in the community because they are getting money from the drug dealers.

Police say they have no information about these allegation; “I cannot confirm these allegations unless they have been reported to us; Things are under control and there are teams on the ground,” said provincial spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Lungelo.

The DA said while police inaction is improper, those who take the law into their own hands must be held accountable. The rule of law cannot be undermined in the fight against criminality.

“The time has come to replace politicians who have proven that they are not up to the task; the people deserve a new government that is willing and able to protect its citizens, Mogale City deserves a new beginning,” said the DA.