How To Help Manage Your Matric 2018 Academic Year


A matric certificate or result, affect each and every students educational and career prospects. The release of the matric results can be a defining period for South African learners who should be keeping the positive mind-set at this crucial moment.

During the December and January period, all stressed matriculants nationwide, handle their anxiety, depression and pressure in different ways. According to the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG), In South Africa 60% of people who commit suicide are depressed.

The average suicide is 17.2 per 100 000 (8% of all deaths). This relates only to deaths reported by academic hospitals. The real figure is considered to be higher and majority of the suicides are caused by teenagers being unhappy about their academic results.

There are various ways in order for South Africans to help those learners, in their final academic year as there’s other options even if they have failed their matric.

Many learners loose hope with their final examinations, thinking they might not make it and not all of them are aware they can still be successful despite not passing their matric for the first time. There’s options such as supplementary examinations.

The effects to help matrics to get through this period is encouraging them to receive pre-results counselling as it will reduce the risks if suicide.
Knowing yourself

Is the key to succeeding as it begins with knowing who you are and what you want in life. Once you figure out what you want to do, turn all your focus on those subjects. Be able to identify your strengths and your weaknesses.

Manage your classes

It’s not so much about taking all the subjects available to you; it’s about what you can manage. If you think you can do it, great! But if you know it will overwhelm you and then up having low marks in every subject, choose the ones that are important to you or try to get the information you need to plan and execute all graded materials for your classes.

Stay committed

Never lose focus on your goals, whether you are writing for the first time or you are supplementing, stay focused on your studies. Be committed to studying, to learning and improving your grades in any way.

Be involved

Studies show that, those who are involved in activities at their schools are better at managing their studies and time their time management.

Read Actively

Reading on your own plays a big role in passing your matric, paying attention in class is not enough for most people, they prefer studying on their own, regular visits at the library and study groups might help one understand your notes better.