Guptas Never Paid For Dubai Trips – Singh

PICTURE: amaBhungane

Former Eskom CFO Anoj Singh said that the Gupta family had never paid for his trips to Dubai, and that he had no personal relationship with the family. Responding to a question from Advocate Vanara, Singh said his trip was paid by an acquaintance from the UAE.

He said that he had engaged with a travel agent for his trip and made all of the arrangements. He also said he was not aware if his acquaintance had interests in Gupta-owned Sahara Computers. “I had not inquired of him, and he had not disclosed to me, based on that I will say no,” he said.

Singh also said that he had not gone through the #GuptaLeaks.  Singh said that he made numerous trips to Dubai for both personal and professional reasons. On a professional basis, either Eskom or Transnet would pay, or he would pay, or his acquaintance would pay.

When asked if he had met with the Guptas at the Oberoi hotel, where he stayed, Singh said he did not. “I have been to Dubai a number of occasions and stayed in the Oberoi hotel, on a number of occasions.”

He had no formal meeting with the Guptas at Oberoi but that it is possible that they could have seen each other in passing while staying at the same hotel. “My testimony is that I may (have been) at the hotel at the same time, but it was not my intention to be with Mr Gupta or Mr Chawla.”

Vanara also asked Singh if there was a shelf company in his name in Dubai. To which Singh responded: “There is no company registered in my name globally. The SARB had contacted me, related to my alleged bank accounts and assets and liabilities offshore. I made a declaration that I am not aware of these so-called entities or bank accounts.”