Hugh Masekela’s Trumpet Is Laid To Surrender


Legendary jazz musician, Hugh Masekela leaves South Africa in awe and shriek as he dies. A man of  high esteem, who sang, composed songs and was a defiant voice in the political regime.

It has been confirmed in a statement by the family that “After a protracted and courageous battle with prostate cancer, he passed peacefully in Johannesburg, South Africa, surrounded by his family.”

In October 2008 the musician’s team released a statement saying he was faced with a failing health situation which had been prostate cancer and went for an eye surgery in March 2016 after it had been suspected that the cancer had spread and was later admitted again into theatre in the same year, September 2016 after he had discovered another tumour.

Josh Georgiou , Masekela’s manager had mentioned how his client was fighting the disease with everything he had.

A great memory he will leave as a veteran who had his music inspired by the commotion that the country went through during the apartheid suffering and oppression and he said it was used as a weapon to spread political change.