Over 11,000 Pupils Yet To Be Placed In The Western Cape Schools

PICTURE: Invista Performance Solutions

It has almost been  a week since schools has opened but Western Cape learners are still searching for placements.

According to the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) , over 11, 000 learners have not yet been placed to schools for the 2018 academic year, as this will result to poor performance academically.

With the challenges that has been faced by the Gauteng education department, the Western Cape Province faces similar problems as this attributes to the constant relocation of pupils from other provinces.

The department’s spokesperson Paddy Attwell said on Monday, the district officials completed their planning in the third term of the year 2017, but the constant stream of learners from other provinces to the Western Cape complicated things.

“About 130 000 learners from other provinces and 2 000 learners from other countries have relocated to the Western Cape and we’re expecting more learners by the end of February,” said Attwell.

Arrangements have been made to place those pupils who have not yet been admitted, by installing 230 mobile classrooms in schools as this will only be completed by the end of February.