The Beauty Behind The Struggle Of A Music Career


The rising of a resilient local House DJ , Thabo Nchabana(27) notably known by his stage name, Stibo who grew up in the streets of Meadowlands zone 10 in Soweto where a dream was revived into prosperity.

Stibo later relocated to Diepkloof to live with his grandfather, after the passing on of his late grandfather, home was where he resided to live with his parents.

This took a toil on him but he knew this was just a beginning of a greater purpose. His father played a role into how far his life has become blissful as he introduced sound to him. A blessing worth counting as his father worked at a community radio station and had a show with the late Kabzela.

Being brought up in an environment and home that appreciated music ignited everyone together which has never had him redirect his steps. “They say the apple doesn’t fall far from its tree,” said the artist. It all began in 2010 where he gathered his expressions and capabilities on a DJ’ing desk and also started producing in 2012.

He faced challenges on his road to tapping into a different dimension of elevation, which was getting a studio to produce his music fortunately enough his father built one where they would normally use it for radio ads, jingles and production for the SABC sport.

Music for him always came from a place of, the inspiration behind the struggle he had to go through growing up, music was a gesture of peace into a young boy who never had dreams. The relative of experience to touch a life of an individual by giving a unique perspective to it with elements that are rich in color and proudly baked the African way.

The DJ will be dropping his long awaited singles that he has been working on these past few months. It is said that people should be expectant in the future for a record label that will enrich and help push young talented artists that go unnoticed.

Instagram : stibo_01