A Courage To Make A Difference

PICTURE: #KeepAGirlChildAtSchool

Aspiring feminist Tsholofelo Mankazana (20) was born and raised in Krugersdorp in Kagiso.

What initially inspired her to start the #KeepAGirlChildAtSchool Campaign was out of a big heart, she saw a lot of girls not achieving their goals and not going to school just because they can’t afford sanitary towels, “I’m talking about young girls who want to study hard so they can survive in the future and change their lives to be better,” says Tsholofelo.

As she felt there was a need, she gave provision with what she could do, as girls mainly from families that live below the breadline encounter the most effective problems such as people from the rural areas.

Being at school is expected from every school child, “we find out that girls miss four or more days without going to school because they can’t afford pads during their periods, some girls use newspapers and tissues  to clean  themselves,” she stresses. A lesson missed, an opportunity that cannot make up for what was missed.

While getting her organisation out there to be reckoned with, she faced hurdles such as having a lack of sponsorships for the campaign which meant for her that the more the delay, each and every day more girls are in need of sanitary towels and helping becomes limited due to few donations.

Tsholofelo intends to overlook and see beyond her adversaries and get more sponsorships and help people who are close by. The shared effort to make the little happen is done by mobilising friends on social media, lecturers, her family and the community to contribute towards the vision.

The campaign is said to be different as it stands in promoting education for girls and brings out a perspective of how girls should behave and carry themselves. She strongly believes in the saying “Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu”, “if we don’t help our sisters who will,” Tsholofelo said.

Motivation for her is driven by people who have a way forward in life and motivational books that keep her positive in all her ways. In the future she hopes to help more schools and girls that are in need. People who support the campaign do spread the hashtag on social media pages to make a difference in a young girl’s life.

Facebook: Tsholofelo Mankazana

Email address : Tsholofelomankazana@gmail.com