A Hidden Passion For Music Discovered

PICTURE: Tumelo Kekana

The aspiring Mandla Kekana (21) is a music composer, producer and keyboardist. His love for music started casually just playing around with instruments, not knowing he had a hidden talent for music that was yet to be discovered. 

Born in Johannesburg and raised in Mindalore, a small suburb near Roodepoort. Mandla grew up playing instruments at church from a very young age. “I was passively interested in playing the keyboard most, out of all the instruments although I experimented with others too, after a period of excruciating practice sessions, the effort put in turned into passion and things took off from there,” he said.

Although he does not have a specific genre of music he boxes his compositions in, he believes challenges change us. His love for other music genres is vast, from the likes of Robert Glasper, Terrace Martin and Cory Henry, just to name a few who have influenced him, and apart from jazz he listens to everything from trap, classical music, deep house, Caribbean blues and the list goes on.

His inspiration stems from what he goes through in his life, be it heartbreak, pain, loss and euphoric moments. “I try my best to conceptualize all the energy and feelings from within and create new material from it, that is how I best describe myself,” says Mandla.

During the lowest and unmotivated days Mandla always puts God first and said that he is grateful for his family’s support and encouragement to always push forward. He is trying to learn and grow as an artist in the competitive music industry. What sets him apart for him he said that it is not being better than the next person but for the music to have an impact in his fans lives.

“My hope is to change mind-sets and heal the world through my music and have people dancing and enjoying my music,”Mandla said.

He is currently producing a couple of talented upcoming artists that he will be working with throughout the year. Any updates of when music will be released will be posted on his social media platforms so fans should certainly be on the lookout.


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