Embarking On A Mounting Aspect In Music

PICTURE: BlackSpace Photography

Crafted by his music background, Andre Mbuso  Msimango (21) well-known by his stage name Royal Massacre which is derived from his name “Mbuso”.

His music journey started paving back in 2004 when his oldest brother walked into the room with an Eminem CD. Since then he has never looked back as the road ahead is brighter than he ever contemplated.

Royal Massacre is both a Hip Hop singer and rapper who was raised in the Eastrand of Johannesburg in Thokoza Gardens. He is the youngest of three and completed his high school at Dominican Convent School. He committed two years to studying his LLB but later quit to study Music Performance at AFDA to chase his anticipating calling in the music atmosphere.

Music pounced a passion from him from the early stages of his life, it was a mechanism that made him feel safe, and it gave him belonging in a vast surrounding. The art of expression was hidden behind the beats and vocals that makes the music.

The artist’s music is inspired by day to day life, where every context of circumstance jots a lyric of creativity to his craft. “My music carries versatility, a unique style of rapping that incorporates a tad bit of singing which derives from my acapella background,” Royal passionately stated.

The constant perseverance in going beyond all odds is motivated by people who go for what they want and believe in their ability to do something, “I am motivated more by people than anything else,” he said.

With challenges greatness is often prevailed. The inability to identify his niche market was challenging as it is complex and music buyers would not listen to the content an individual creates and would lead to working at a loss and reinvent something relevant.

He is currently working on his sophomore mix tape titled ‘Black Panther’ which is due to drop later on in the year however he will be dropping a single mid-February. In the future it is said to expect music that will inspire people even more just like his first encounter with music.

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