Classes To Resume At Hoërskool Overvaal


Classes are expected to continue today, following anti-racism protest on Thursday with more than hundreds of the teachers union SADTU, leaving pupils in classes and marched to the Hoërskool Overvaal in Vereeniging.

It is believed that the teachers union, where there to support the parents of the 55 English speaking children who were previously denied access to learn in the Afrikaans school.

The protests started after the High Court ruling which found that the school does not have the capacity to accommodate 55 English speaking pupils as the department is currently appealing.

African National Congress (ANC) and Congress of South Africa Students (Cosas) members had also joined the march to end racism in schools.

With the protest that had took place on Thursday, teachers had submitted the memorandum demanding that the 55 pupils to be accepted and calling for equality in the school.

While the Afrikaans school is refusing to accept black children wanting to study in English, many have labelled the school’s actions as “racist”.

Protesters will keep visiting the Afrikaans-medium school on daily basis while waiting for the court ruling, excluding the 55 English-speaking pupils at the Afrikaans-medium school is overturned

Education officials are calling on protesters to leave the school in peace as the disruptions are infringing the children’s right to education.

“Two weeks into the school’s opening and we have disruptions. Two weeks into the school’s opening and we have probably eight different marches and learners did not manage to access schooling,” said departments spokesperson Steve Mabona.

“It’s going to be difficult for us to recover from that so our message is very clear: let’s all move away from the school,” he added.