Profound Love Found In A Music Experience


Music fanatic and singer Nkululeko Sithole better known by his stage name NK was born and bred in an area called Matsulu, in Mpumalanga. He is currently residing in Johannesburg where his talent has been a stepping stone in progress for the past years.

Growing up in a family that embraced and appreciated music allowed the artist abiding in him to unleash specifically at an early age of his life. “Music is my life, literally every day I’m constantly thinking of ways to expand my knowledge – to impress myself musically and to just keep creating. My entire life revolves around music. I don’t remember the last time I went a whole day without singing,” NK said.

The versatile artist expands his horizons of music from House music, Soulful RnB to Hip Hop. His significance stand is not about a direct effort as it is hard to find anything original and boldly different from the rest however the difference in his music inspiration is pure authenticity in any of the genres he sings. “I write the music I perform and a huge chunk of the stories I relay through songs are things I’ve experienced, felt or thought. I am also gay guy which makes the subject matter of my music reflective of the experiences I go through as a gay person in our heteronormative society,” says the musician.

Music is an experience worth experimenting for him as he mixes up genres by creating blends to explore on what magic could be made out of the tireless effort.  He looks to bring a fresh take on popular sounds that has an edge and different feel to it while still paying homage to traditional genres.

It is said that “victory is prevailed to those who withstand”, even though he faced challenges where he was rejected and had financial instabilities he remained hopeful that one day the music will receive the attention it deserves “As long as I still have a voice, I’ll keep singing” his personal motto reads.

He is currently working with a couple of producers and DJ’s and featuring in multiple house projects. NK has been working with a group called Urban Edition and his friend Taboo for their upcoming house albums and EP’s. A feature was also done with Leth which is a Hip Hop EP.  It is said to expect a headlining for his first House Music Extravaganza show towards the end of February or early March with the help of his musician friends. He is also planning on starting on his solo project and continue featuring and writing songs.

Facebook:  Nkululeko Nelson

Instagram: @Nkululeko_NK