The Green Revolution This 2018

PICTURE: ThVegan Road

Proteins have been predicted to be the biggest food trends, therefore it is seen fitting to consider a positive change and be a partaker in the green revolution.

The movement is set to motivate South African’s to make gradual changes in what they eat , for instance by swapping eggs, meat and dairy products with plant based indulgence. This is conducive for reversing chronic diseases and saving water.

It is more of a win-win benefit as it improves an individual’s health in various ways such as having a diet rich in plant based consumption is great for your health as it prevents obesity or being overweight.

It is wise to have more vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains and have less saturated animal fats. Eating green for the environment is vital especially knowing how important it is for South Africa to save natural resources considering the droughts that have been experienced so it is crucial to consume fewer animal products. In this way we can help protect South Africa’s water supply.

Producing all these other animal products requires quite much such as huge amounts of water, meat, milk and eggs as it is proven that it takes more than 4,000 litres of water to produce a kilogram of chicken meat.

Anyone can stand up for animals by sitting down to eat and reduce the number of animal products eaten.