DA Calls For Conducive Learning Environment For Cosmo City Primary Schools


The Democratic Alliance (DA) Gauteng Shadow MEC for Education Khume Ramulifho has called in the Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi to intervene in the Cosmo City Primary Schools as a matter of urgency.

This comes after a pleasant visit to the Cosmo City West Primary School when the DA discovered that the school has up to 91 learners per classroom, and learners are taught while sitting on the floor due to shortage of desks and chairs in the school premises.

“During my visits yesterday to the following schools; Cosmo City West Primary School, Cosmo City Junior Primary School and Cosmo City No. 1 Primary School, l was distressed to see the learning environment that these learners and teachers are exposed to on daily basis,” Said Ramulifho.

According to Ramulifho, it is believed that, this is a severe overcrowding in the schools classrooms, whereby Cosmo City West Primary School is considered to be the worst affected school in which it has 1786 learners that result in school admitting more learners daily.

“This overcrowding of classrooms is not conducive for either teaching or learning. This is against the standard norms of learner to educator ratio which is supposed to be 1 teacher: 40 learners”, he added.

With the teachers not able to provide quality teaching and learning in the school environment as well as controlling and introducing discipline on learners, the blame is been put to the education department due to the lack of infrastructure.

The DA believes the affected schools needs additional resources to accommodate the increasing number of learners in the schools as computer labs and libraries are being used as classrooms.

According to the statement that was revealed by the DA, Cosmo City Junior Primary School has 1792 learners experiencing sewer blockage, as the raw sewage flows next to the classrooms, posing serious health risks for learners and teachers, while the Cosmo City No.1 Primary School has 1406 learners in total.

The amount of overcrowding in the Cosmo City Schools was found totally unacceptable as it is not conducive for delivering the quality education due to this, affecting the learner’s ability to concentrate and the teacher’s ability to teach.

The DA will continue to monitor the progress with regards to the department’s interventions.

They believe that, it is the government’s obligation to ensure that no learner’s educational advancement is prejudiced by their learning environment.