Trade Union Solidarity To Lay Criminal Charges Against Molefe


The trade union Solidarity will today lay criminal charges against former Eskom CEO, Brian Molefe and other Eskom high-ranking officials following the verdict handed by the North Gauteng High Court which ordered him to pay back R11-million he has already received as part of the R30.1-million pension payout.

In its finding the Court referred the Molefe payout as pure greed, impenitence and lack of integrity displayed by Eskom’s leadership.

The Court revealed that the alleged pension payout was a deliberate scheme devised by Eskom and Molefe and declared it as unlawful transaction.

The trade union Solidarity says the power utility has made unlawful misrepresentations by considering pension payout for unproven early retirement.

“Molefe and certain Eskom leaders have made deliberate unlawful misrepresentations as a result of which Molefe has been enriched to the detriment of Eskom and hence also the taxpayer,” Solidarity chief executive Dirk Hermann said.

Solidarity says it will push for legal action against Molefe and others after being implicated in corruption in terms of various South African Acts.

According to Hermann, “the Public Prosecutor had indicated during the course of the lawsuit that the Hawks would initiate a criminal investigation into possible criminal activities involving Mr Molefe,”

“The charges we are bringing will therefore also assist the Hawks in their probe.”

“Paying back the money is the right thing to do but it’s not enough. Paying back the money does not undo criminal charges. The fact that Molefe has applied for leave to appeal has no bearing on the criminal case either,” Hermann said.

Solidarity says it will provide evidence against all officials who are facing corruption charges, urging law enforcement agencies to take further action.