UCT Students Plan March To Parliament Over Free Tertiary Education

PICTURE: gsp.uni-freiburg.de

Most Universities country wide are about to start with the 2018 academic year. The University of Cape Town (UCT) students are planning to partake on a march to the Parliament in demand that the President Jacob Zuma to address them on the issue regarding the free higher Education.

Last year on Decemeber the 16th, Zuma has made announcements that the free higher education roll out, which will be implemented for the period of 5 years as it will only apply to students whom are from the poor and middle-class families who earn less than R350, 000 per annum.

While the students whose family income exceeds R350, 000 and is below R600, 000, it is believed that they will not qualify for free education.

This has raised question to how will the funds be funded to the prospective students, as the implementation has been found fairly clear as they don’t know where the funds will come from.

The University of Cape Town (UCT) Vice Chancellor Max Price said “the implementation is fairly clear, what we haven’t discussed is where the money is going to come from”

“The anxiety and hesitation we have is whether this is sustainable.” he added.

In addition the UCT is currently facing challenges with the student accommodation, it is believed that the students have to return back to their private accommodation as the problem lies within the universities allocation process.

The student representative’s Council (SRC) chairperson Karabo Khakhau said “Annually the university over-allocates, so students who were allocated the student accommodation no longer have a place to stay,”

According to Khakhau, the most affected students were the postgraduate’s students as the academic registrations were open and post graduates courses have started.

The SRC has advised all prospective students seeking accommodation to visit the website www.digsconnect.co.za for private accommodation