Protea Women Aiming To Catch Up To India

Picture : Hindu Times

South African National Women Cricket team  aim for nothing less then a win today as they are playing their second match against India in the Momentum One day International. India won the first match which means they are trailing the series by 1-0.

The series will consist of three matches and in order for South Africa to get back in the game they have to win this match against  India.

Enoch Nkwe who is the assistant coach of the women Proteas says he believes that desired result will take care of itself.

“The most important thing for us is how we bounce back from this experience, within (the space of) one day and actually execute our game plans better to get a positive result,” Nkwe said

“Losing a game of cricket while playing for your country is always going to be disappointing but we don’t have time to sit on that and let it affect us. We need to focus on what we can control and that’s how to approach today’s game and we’ve done that. There’s a good vibe and energy in the team and I’m confident that we are ready for the challenge of getting the positive result and putting ourselves in a position to win the series,”he added.

The Match Began at 10:00 CAT at Diamond Oval, Kimberley.