The Victory Of A Hustling DJ

PICTURE: Shejay Bling bling

A dream believer that walks in her purpose makes her way up the success ladder, Constant Mabila well recognised by her stage name “Shejaybling bling” which derived from her being female and the combination of her interest in the beauty of bling.

The artist was born in Mpumalanga,Nelspruit in a small village called Kamandulo in Nkomazi, she is currently residing in Johannesburg in exploring the art of her hands in playing music as she works at Pioneer DJ Institute. The upcoming artist has experienced four years of growth and exposure in the industry. She is currently a DJ lecturer at Pioneer DJ Institute and aims to share her efforts and capabilities with many.

For this young DJ 2011 was the beginning of all things made new in her life as she won a bursary at Zithethe Art Institute to learn the ins and outs of music. She was given a platform of music on a diverse space as she did music theory and opened herself to piano and bass guitar.

This was a place where her heart lived to serve in music, a place where a vision was given to birth as she saw herself making it in being the biggest DJ artist of all time. Being a DJ was her ‘without a doubt calling’ as far as she could remember.

DJ TmanMohony played a great role in her aspirations as he taught her the ways around the field of DJ however she still yearned for more, she then attended Fuse Academy which was DJ Zinhle’s school to improve her skills and become a professional DJ who could be well known and acknowledged . “I believe I’m still going far,” Shejay said.

“It really doesn’t matter where you come from and how you grew up, as long as you understand and know what you want, it is possible but you need to push hard and make it happen,” says Shejay.

By far DJ’ing has been one of the realest things in her life. A true Deep House and Commercial House lover. She wants to be recognised as a woman of boldness who believes in hustling from the ground up in making her dreams a reality.

There is always a challenge waiting to give off glory, people did not believe in her as a female DJ but she always told herself that in life nothing comes easy. “Nothing good ever comes easy”. As soon as hard work is rewarded people are obliged to look at you differently.

Shejay is motivated by people who look up to her as a young person which inspires her to do even more. The DJ is currently working on a single however the date has not been confirmed as to when it will be made available, “but definitely this year is my year,” she confidently expressed.

In terms of future expectations, bigger dreams await as she says it is not only about her but the people who have known from her early days of growing up to make a difference in their lives. “I won’t say much now but when the time is right, people will know what I meant.

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