A Convergence Of A Multi-talented Entrepreneur

PICTURE: Themba Nkomo

An empire in the making for a rising entrepreneur, recording artist and Founder of Ghetto Wear Clothing,Thanyani Richard Manoto (23). Is the eldest of two boys led by male figures in his early upbringing to leave a legacy of his own and in honour of his grandfathers he was named after both his paternal and maternal grandfathers’.

From Green-village in Soweto the East of Johannesburg, growing up for him was a lot of playing in the streets and discovering new things and in the mix of having to deal with the separation of his parents as a young boy, his grandparents created a warm and loving home comfortable enough for a child to grow up in.

After completing his schooling years he went on to pursue Electrical Engineering at the South West Gauteng College. Discovering his passion for music he embarked on his musical journey and it led him to complete a Higher Certificate in Audio Engineering at The Academy of Sound Engineering to better equip himself to compete in the music industry.

With having vast interests Thanyani decided to venture out in starting a clothing brand called“Ghetto Wear”. This idea was intertwined with being an artist because your style is what makes you in the entertainment industry. “I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart, however if I were to attribute my entrepreneurial aspirations to a specific individual it would be my mom,” he said.

His style is different pieces put together in a futuristic trend, inspired by a quote that he loves which reads: “an artist is a combination of his or her favourite artist”. Being recognised is a challenge Thanyani is currently facing but with having faith in God there is no doubt he will conquer.

The fear of failure is what motivates him and with the support of his family and friends he takes each day as one step up the ladder of success. What sets him apart from other entrepreneurs and recording artists he said that it is the fact that he is a multi-talented individual. He hopes to leave a long lasting legacy, which will be aimed to help the youth long after he is gone.

“Although there has been a few challenges that “Ghetto Wear” has been going through fans should still be on the lookout for new designs they are set to release in 2018,”Thanyani said.

Be on the lookout and follow the release date on social media for the latest merchandise.





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