Appreciation Found In A Curveball Of A Music Affair

PICTURE: Tailor Repairer

Driven aspiring hood rapper Neo Sebotsa(23), famously known by ‘Tailor Repairer’ lives his dream in the hopes of making it up the ranks of establishment in his talent and passion in music.

Tailor was born in a township called Ennerdale South where the brewing of his vision became vivid. He is the only child of Caroline and Phillip Sebotsa.

The journey to his identity began in the love to entertain people. He built himself as his journey took off as he began as a dancer, for him dancing was to tap into a different level for him as Hip Hop music gave him a high of what he really wants to do which was music. Ever since then he has never looked into doing anything else but music.

He recorded his first song in 2011 titled ‘One n Only’, with this as his first the response was amazing. With such feedback this could only keep him going and getting better.

“Music means a lot to me, it describes how I feel, I find refuge in it, I am able to send a message to people which could have been said in many ways, “says the rapper. He sheds light on his motivation as he is inspired by his past experiences, “To wake up every morning with the decision to become a better person than I was yesterday,” Tailor said.

Every story has a glory, even though getting his music out there was a challenge but the instilled belief in him was always getting there no matter the gradual steps in overcoming it. His music aims to motivate people as his music touches on things he has walked through in a place recognized as life.

The artist is currently working on finishing up his mixtape and he also has a few singles ready to be released before he releases his mixtape. In future it is said to expect a whole lot of a feel good type of music and a unique sound of music.

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