Opposition Parties Push to Oust Zuma


Cape Town – Opposition party leaders and senior representatives met on Monday to discuss consequences should President Jacob Zuma refuse to step down this week.

In a statement made by the Democratic Alliance (DA), leaders of political parties including the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Congress of the People (COPE) and amongst other parties, Pan African Congress (PAC), had all agreed on the proposal to remove Zuma through a motion of no- confidence vote, followed by the dissolution of Parliament in terms of Section 50 of the Constitution.

“This would then trigger early elections,” said the DA.

According to the DA, all opposition party representatives have agreed that the removal of Zuma should not be an isolated item but there should also be immediate elections for the Parliament representatives when Zuma exits.

“Parliament had also failed in its duty to the people of South Africa, it is therefore not sufficient to simply vote the President out and replace him with another tainted candidate; Parliament itself must be reconstituted,” said the DA.