Day Zero Moved After A Decrease In Water Usage  


Cape Town – Day Zero has now been moved from May to 4 June 2018, due largely to the decline in agricultural use and users reducing their water usage to 526-million litres per day.

“Team Cape Town, we are getting there, we now need to see how low we can go to ensure that we stretch our water supplies as far as possible into the winter months by reaching the 450 million litre per day collective consumption target which equates to 50 litres per person per day,” said the City’s Executive Deputy Mayor, Alderman Ian Neilson.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) applauded the people of Cape Town for working together to reduce water usage and encouraged a continued conservation of water.

“This is proof that if we work together we can achieve our goals,” said the DA.

To ensure Day Zero is pushed back even further, the City will continue with implementing its pressure management systems as well as installing water management devices at the properties of high users.

“All preparations for the possibility of reaching Day Zero also continue as planned,” they concluded.