A Therapuetic Encounter In The Endeavours Of Music


The success gunning rapper artist Lebo Mosasane better known by Leth was born and raised in Cape Town with both his parents who origin from Lesotho in a town called Maseru. Even though he spent his whole life in Johannesburg, Lesotho remains the craft of his being, home.

In high school him and his friends had a raving interest in ancient kemits Gods and Goddesses which cultured the foundation of an identity for him. Interests engraved in his path of career include Design, Multimedia design and music made a way into his life back in his high school years.

A hobby ignited something deeper for the artist as he began to have cyphers from time to time, something greater grew since he started beat boxing. This was a glimpse of finding his niche as he continued in the experiences with time he wanted more, he longed to produce something beautifully unique in the atmosphere of a passion he had discovered.

The idea or dream has never been about being a musician as it has always been about finding a new way to express himself, a therapeutic response to the surroundings of an afflicted journey of life.

The artists music inspiration is influenced by all genres combined together, giving a sense of trap, dubstep RnB electro and EdM. He explains what makes him stand out as “versatility, not being bound by the limitations of being a “rapper” or conveying your views in just one genre,” says Leth.

On his way to getting to the better part of his career he has encountered challenges as marketing has been a huge challenge for him as an unsigned artist however he is looking to sign a contract with Cuetainment Agency which seems hopeful.

Leth is currently working on an EP featuring artist such as NK and Phill the beat maker and he also has a number of projects lined up. The future awaits much elevation in the prosperity of music.

Facebook :  Blind Mind

Instagram  : blindmind9201

YouTube link : https://youtu.be/uxwKaaHhUpQ

Soundcloud link : https://soundcloud.com/user-801293744