ANC eThekwini Branches Want More Engagement


DURBAN: Branches of the ANC in eThekwini Region in KwaZulu-Natal want more engagement from national leadership, before information on the party is in the media.

This, according to National Executive Committee (NEC) member from the ruling party, Zweli Mkize.

Mkhize told journalists outside a meeting held in KZN where branches, mainly from eThekwini Region, were being briefed on the change of presidents and the recalling of Jacob Zuma.

He said branches made comments around the matter with “branch leaders expressing concern”.

“They say matters should be engaged more. They accept the decisions taken by the NEC. But they want more internal engagement rather than seeing them in the media.”


He added that branches called for closer communication with leadership.

“They asked for this to be tightened up as matters develop. They don’t want to pick up things on media first.”

He said there were no resolutions expected to be taken following the meeting.

“We will just take a report back to the NEC.”

 Mkhize said branch members also called for unity.

“These members were part of the [Nasrec] conference. Everyone rallies behind who the leader is.”

He added that as far as he knew, there was no reshuffle.

“But this is the prerogative of the president.”