MP’s To Respond To SONA


Following the State of the Nation Address (SONA) delivered by newly elected President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, Parliament is expected to debate the SONA on Monday.

The President’s speech received a standing ovation from Members of Parliament (MP’s) including opposition parties but a twist is expected on Monday as MP’s push for a Cabinet reshuffle urgently.


According to South African Communist Party (SACP)’s Solly Mapaila, it is important that Ramaphosa acts now.

“President Ramaphosa can’t come in and have this overwhelming acceptance by the people and still drive the old horse, it won’t take him far,” he said.

“He should rejuvenate it. There’s a need for rejuvenation of Cabinet and realignment of different ministries which we support.”
Among other things, most political parties expect the President to address the issue of corruption and the restructuring of his new Cabinet.

During the address, the President said he would reduce the size of Cabinet as well as national government departments.
The Public Servants Association say President Ramaphosa’s anticipated downsizing of government departments will channel more employees to the ground level where services are needed by the public.