When Stress Becomes The X-Factor Of All Things Gone Wrong


People act differently in how they respond to situations they go through on a daily basis. Therefore with stress it is bound to be different, often time some individuals may find difficulties in sleeping at night whereas with other individuals it leads to unhealthy eating choices.

It is proven that anything that poses a threat to your well-being has the potential to trigger stress. Stress could be a good and bad thing, for instance if it’s getting you motivated to reach your next level it is not seen as harmful however if it becomes constant and uncontrollable it could affect you negatively, it being psychologically or physically where you would find yourself always wallowing in thoughts and physically the stress could affect your waistline especially when your stress levels are sky high.

It is not easy differentiating between you stressing and being hungry, as much as when you are stressed you are likely to eat a lot more but also when you are hungry you are expected to eat just as much, so it is possible to genuinely be in either state. These comparatives are helpful to see where you could possibly fit under, physical hunger usually comes gradually however sudden hunger often means it is emotional.

If you are hungry any food will sit you just well whereas with emotional hunger it makes you crave unhealthy food. In most cases you would often feel like you cannot stop eating, this likely means you are emotionally hungry whereas with physical hunger you feel satisfied before you feel stuffed.

Fortunately stress can be managed, you can always try making healthier choices by eating spinach, sweet potato, blueberries and avocados just to mention a few.