Black First Land First To Contest 2019 Elections


JOHANNESBURG: The party says it wants to add to the voices of Parliament which allegedly currently only represents white monopoly capital.

Black First Land First (BLF) has announced that it will be running in the 2019 South African national elections.

BLF says its presence in parliament will push the African National Congress (ANC) to implement policies around radical economic transformation.

BLF spokesperson Brian Tloubatla said: “We’ve noted that currently in South Africa, actually in our Parliament, there’s only one party that is represented and apparently it’s a white monopoly capital party state.”

Earlier this month, the organisation protested outside Luthuli House against the now official NEC decision to recall former president Jacob Zuma. BLF led a Hands Off Zuma campaign. 

Speaking at the time of the briefing about the Hands Off Zuma campaign, BLF treasurer general and deputy national spokesperson Thandiswa Yaphi, said Zuma was under attack because of his stance on radical economic transformation and land expropriation.

“BLF is not part of the ANC. We are not in any form of agreement with the ANC,” Yaphi said at the briefing at the Elevate rooftop venue at the Reef Hotel, overlooking Johannesburg.

“But, as BLF, we stand for all black people in the country, especially President Jacob Zuma because we have seen he is under attack from white people because of the stances he has taken – the ones of radical economic transformation, the one of land expropriation without compensation,” she said.

“We are not defending the ANC, comrades. We must be clear on that. The ANC is captured. Most of the ANC leaders are in the pockets of white monopoly capital and we have stated that clearly,” Yaphi said.

The BLF was one of a number of organisations which have formed the Hands Off Zuma campaign and which plan to march to or picket outside Luthuli House on Monday, February 5.

The group handed over a memorandum about their grievances, including Zuma recalled as President before his term ends. 

Zuma was forced to resigned last week after the NEC took a decision to recall him.