Ways To Enjoy Your Wine And Still Be Safe

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Generally after a long and stressful day you prefer to deviate into a more restful place where you can be sitting in a comfortable  space and gratify yourself over a glass of wine, ‘Robertsons’  or ‘Tall Horse’ would certainly do and preferably dry red, which is mostly recommended by healthcare providers .

Drinking is not necessarily bad for your health however it becomes unpleasant when you are constantly doing so every day as it tends to affects you negatively in the long run. Distressing occasionally after working may help you cope with stress.

It has been proven that a glass of red wine makes it safer to drink especially for individuals that have “bad” cholesterol as it is able to remove it and generate “good” cholesterol. It also has the capacity to induce your heart condition as it makes your health in that area better.

It is preferential to drink alcohol with food than having alcohol alone on an empty stomach as food slows down the absorption rate of alcohol especially foods that contain high proteins such as fish, cheese, peanuts and meat.

Therefore it is wise to have yourself hydrated at all times by drinking as much water as possible in between your drinks and not solely rely on alcohol for your health but also consider other avenues of getting better  such as taking medication  and going for regular check – ups.