Luthuli House Victim Gets A Roof Over Her Head


JOHANNESBURG: Olivia Mokete, the woman who was kicked by an ANC member during pro-and anti-Zuma marches at Luthuli House earlier this month now has a roof over her head thanks to a good Samaritan.

Dianne Bayley from Bryanston said she was outraged and saddened by the disturbing footage of the incident that went viral and was even more pained when she discovered that Mokete lived in a shack.

“I saw the video footage on Twitter and was appalled that such a huge man could beat up a small woman while other men and police officers just looked on,” Bayley said.

Mokete, a shack dweller from Orange Farm, was on her way to petition the council for water and electricity in her region when she found herself in the middle of the violent protest outside Luthuli House when the vehicle she was travelling in stopped at a traffic light.

Angry protesters approached the vehicle waving sharp objects and she was dragged off the bakkie and beaten to the ground by Thabiso Setona who later handed himself over to the police.

After the incident, people on social media located Mokete and posted pictures of her standing in front of her shack. Bayley said when she saw the picture of Mokete standing in front of her shack, she set up a Back a Buddy crowd funding campaign to build Mokete a Wendy house.

“When I saw the picture of her standing outside her shack in Orange Farm, my heart broke. Not only had Mokete experienced a terrible ordeal and was in pain, she went home to a shack that doesn’t even have a bed in it. She had several pieces of corrugated iron cobbled together to form a shelter. No actual door, no window, no floor. I couldn’t stand up in it,” Bayley said.

Mokete said she appreciated what Bayley had done for her even though there is no furniture yet in the Wendy house.

“I truly appreciate what the lady has done for me and my family, but we are still living in poor conditions since my husband is not working,” she said.