ANC Top Leaders At Loggerheads Over Gupta’s Clinic


RUSTENBURG: North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo says the Health Minister’s comments about the Mediosa mobile clinic contract are “unfortunate”.

Minister Aaron Motsoaledi on Friday described the contract as a mobile ATM card used by the Gupta family to withdraw money from government.

The premier, however, says the minister visited the province without the courtesy of informing his office.

He says minister Motsoaledi didn’t bother talking to his government about any progress made and instead chose the populist approach.

“Had the Minister cared to talk to us, we will have not stopped him from doing whatever he wants to, but we would have appraised him on progress we are making on this matter,” said Mahumapelo.

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He further said “because he chose the populist approach, we will rather speak to the President in this regard and the Head Office of the ANC, Luthuli House.”

Spokesperson Brian Setswambung said: “The premier has as a result stated that he will communicate with the presidency now that the minister has unfortunately chosen to ignore the province. Because the province would have basically appraised the minister on work that is being done on this particular matter.”

On Friday the minister says the health system has no need for the Mediosa service because government institutions are equipped for the same role.

“The health service in South Africa does not need this service at all. In fact, I don’t think it would be wrong to characterise it as an ATM card through which the Guptas are withdrawing money from the Department of Health.”