Multichoice in Partnership with PSL Announce Diski Shield Tournament

Picture : Diski

The MultiChoice Diski Challenge is a flagship corporate responsibility program that consists of 16 teams, split into two groups of eight teams each, which are representative of the general PSL. 

Monday morning Multichoice and PSL Announced the Multichoice Diski Shield,a Tournament that  will take four weeks, from the 7th of April and the final match  will be on the 5th of May.

The difference between  Mutichoice Dicki Challenge and Multichoice Diski Shield is that, Diski Shield will see city going against City, Region going against Region. The winners of each region will the proceed to the semi-finals and go up against each other.

The tournament’s wining team will then have to give back to their community in terms of football developments in order to catch the young talent.

Multichoice-Africa CEO,Calvo Mawela said sport is very important especially Football.

“At Multichoice we understand the power that sport,particularly football has, Football has been contributing to the upliftment of our community,” Mawela said.

“Through Multichoice Diski Challenge we managed to take professional football ride to the door step of our communities,” he added.

PSL Chairman, Dr Irvin Khoza also emphasized on the importance of this tournament,

“we have involved the community, we have involved the schools, we have involved the hospitals, we shall now audit all the players because we said it to Multichoice its very important that these games must be televised” Khoza Emphasize.

Khoza also added that player must show case their talent in this tournament.

“hoping for the best that you impress the sponsor you young players, so that they must came back and have the first and second round and the Shield playing as the normal shield like other tournaments.”