Use Coke To Clean- Don’t Just Drink it

Not only does an ice cold Coca-Cola (Coke) ‘hit the thirsty spot’ on a hot summer’s day, but it can also be useful around the house on any other day as a cleaning detergent.

The carbonated drink was originally intended as a patent medicine. Coca- Cola refers to the original ingredients, kola nuts (a source of caffeine) and cola leaves. Today, Coca-Cola’s formula remains a trade secret, even though several recipes and experimental reactions have been published.

The phosphoric acid in a can of coke means that with an overnight soak you can remove rust from metal or stains with ease. Its acidity is way less than stomach acid and a lemon, meaning Coke will not have the same effect on your as it has on removing stains. 

Here are ways coke can help you around the house; make old jewellery look brand new especially for those holding on sentimental pieces of gold jewellery. You can get them to look shiny and new in an instant by soaking the jewellery in a bit of coke overnight and give them a light wash under warm soapy water in the morning. The soak and the wash will bring out the original shine making them look brand new.

You can get rid of stubborn blood stains with coke that can be quite difficult to, get rid of sometimes. So the next time you bleed onto your favourite shirt do not throw it away, try this smart trick and dab a small amount of coke together with your laundry detergent and soak them for a few minutes. Give your clothes a good scrub, especially where it is stained and it should gradually disappear when doing so.

Itching from a mosquito bite can drive a person crazy, if you have fallen victim to these blood suckers, there is a solution. No more bruising your skin, just dab coke on a tissue or cotton pad and rub it over the itchy bite; you will certainly be surprised by how quickly the itchy feeling goes away. 

Keep flowers fresher for longer by adding a little bit of coke to the water you store the flowers in. Try it out the next time you have fresh flowers in your home and enjoy the freshness and beauty of natural flowers for a longer time. Make sure not to add too much of the coke just a quarter cup of coke to one cup of water should be perfect.

When you indulge in a glass of coke the next time make use of its multi-functional purpose around the house. 


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