Opinion: Barcelona Most Likely Winners Of The Champions League 2017/18

Picture: fcbarcelona.com

Making predictions is a mug’s game, all football lovers knows that, but come 26 May at NSC Olimpiyski Stadium, Kyiv, Barcelona will be crowned UEFA Champions League title.

What a season this team is having, probably one of the best. While they slipped the chance of going invincible the entire season by losing against Espanyol, they still can achieve the same feat in the league and the Champions League.

The departure of Neymar was a blessing in disguise for the club. The team played like one single unit since then and are thus now enjoying a good time and are highly anticipated to land their third Treble in a very short span of time.

The most fascinating fact about this team this season is that everything went well for them this season which includes (in spite of Coutinho not being a part of the CL team)

Messi leading the team responsibly with world class performance day in day out, though that’s nothing new, rather a simple habit.

So summing up all the factors, it is FC Barcelona who are looking the most likely winners of the Champions League 2017/18