ADeC Rejects The Expulsion Of It’s Members By Makhosi Khoza

PICTURE: Simphiwe Mbokazi/ANA

JOHANNESBURG: The African Democratic Change (ADeC) rejects the expulsion of national chairperson Lufuno Gogoro, Secretary General Mpho Ramakatsa and North West Convener, Kagiso Monyadiwa. 

In a statement issued by the party members, it said that there is no individual that is bigger than the party itself and the party is owned by members not Makhosi Khoza.

“ADeC is a Political party, which is owned by members.  No individual is bigger than the party itself,” reads the statement. 

Over the weekend, the City Press newspaper reported that ADeC members accused Khoza of coseying up to the ANC after President Cyril Ramaphosa was elected to lead the party in December last year. They further accused her of trying to collapse and disband ADec ahead of 2019 general elections, accusing Khoza of turning the party into an Non-Profit Organisation (NPO). 

“The African Democratic Change does not agree with being [an] NGO or Civil organisation as it has been perpetuated by the president. We were formed as a Political Party to contest state power. If anyone wanted to convert ADeC into a civic movement they must call a national conference and convince it to change from being a political party into a civic movement, not to impose or dictate terms for the majority of ADeC membership,” the party said in a statement. 

The party members have said they reject the new model as proposed by Khoza. ADeC appointed its board members over the weekend following a National Imbizo that was held over the weekend.  

Khoza said ADeC wanted a board of directors to “reflect the true gender, age profile and non-racial character of our society” and that the screening process was continuing. 

“The so called new Model cannot and should not differ from the body we are registered with. We are registered with IEC. So our model must match IEC requirements, otherwise we risk other objections later as we are trying to crook IEC systems. The Political Unusual pyramed forum is aimed at eliminating some individuals, including the poor that we are supposed to represent and be about,” said party members.

Reports on weekend emerged that there party was imploding after donors withdrew their support for the party with party members accusing Khoza of planning to go back to the ANC. 

However, in a statement Khoza said: ”There is a rumour that ADeC is splitting. There is no split at ADeC … we kicked out those who did not pass the high moral test of ADeC. They have been rejected as members because they are about positions and not people, they also displayed amoral and immoral tendencies.”

Speaking to the Republic Mail, “expelled” party member Gogoro said, “the expulsion is nothing but an act of intimidating because she wants to go back to the ANC.”

“Today ADeC members are told that non of them including those who are confused and defend her actions  are not members of ADeC. Seemingly she is the only member, who can hire and fire,” said party members.

“ADeC however wanted to state categorically that Mpho Ramakatsa and Lufuno Gogoro are still members of ADeC and part of national leadership and the statement issued by Makhosi Khoza should be rejected and also Makhosi Khoza must apologise for bringing the party into disrepute,” the party added. 

“This is stupidity and confusion at its best that no sane person must fall for. She must apologise to South Africans who joined ADeC and are waiting for membership cards.”

Repeated attempts to get a comment from Khoza have gone unanswered.