Land Expropriation Doesn’t Mean Chasing Away White People, Says Zuma


DURBAN: Former president Jacob Zuma says that the calls to expropriate land without compensation do not automatically mean the chasing away of descendants of white settlers.

Zuma was speaking at the National Funeral Parlour Association’s opening gala dinner in Durban, where he was recognised for his bravery and commitment to radical economic transformation.

Zuma made his first major public address since his resignation in February.

The group became infamous earlier this year when it threatened to block white and Indian owned funeral parlours from operating in the townships.

The former president spoke at length about “correcting” the land issue.

He even went as far as adding that if this matter is not settled by the time they are reunited with their ancestors, this generation might have to answer questions about why it didn’t take back the land despite having better education and even guns.

“We have those who came to settle, in our history, they are called settlers, and we’re not saying they must go. But we’re saying the matter of the land must be corrected.”

Zuma has been described by the association through its award to the former statesman as the “father of radical economic transformation”.

The event was attended by organisations that are staunch supporters of radical economic transformation, including the Black First Land First movement and controversial business forum Delangokubona.