“No Coalition Without Conditions,” Says Malema


JOHANNESBURG: Speaking to a Johannesburg-based talk radio, Power FM, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema said there will be no coalition without conditions. 

As the South African political landscape starts to focus on the road to the 2019 general elections, Malema has said that the EFF has not ruled out the possibility of coalition agreements with other political parties in the future. 

“We will talk to everybody and we will present not-so-easy conditions. If they don’t meet our conditions, we will walk away. We will not go into coalition with any other party that is not meeting our conditions,” Malema said.

When asked about his relationship with ANC, Malema stated that he will never go back to his former party, but that the possibility of potential coalition between the ANC and the EFF remained open. “I will never be a member of the ANC,” Malema said. “I will never go back to the ANC, but it would be naive for any political organisation to say it will not engage with another”.

He went on to explain that there had previously been engagement around potential coalition agreements with the ANC, but that the ruling party did not meet the conditions laid out by the EFF, which lead to a collapse in talks.

Malema went on to say that the EFF has also engaged fellow opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA) on potential coalition, but that they were also not able to meet all the conditions that were a coalition requirement by the EFF. “The only thing they agreed to was doing away with ‘Die Stem‘ in the national anthem”.

“The ANC, through action, has now stopped singing ‘Die Stem’, they have fired Zuma, they have given us free education, they have not signed the nuclear deal.. but corruption is not being punished,” Malema said about the progress within the ANC in recent months.  “We need to engage with the ANC on what is corruption and we will do the same thing to the DA.”

“Ideologically it was difficult,” he added. “But in politics, time and space is very important. You do certain things to achieve certain things,” he said about engaging across ideological and party lines.