The Department Of Transport Has Confirmed To Implement Driver Education In The School Curriculum

The department of transport revealed that, the transport policy will use the system in schools known as ‘train the trainer’, where national traffic officials will train teachers in individual schools.

The policy stated that the educators will also follow a mandated programme to provide each of the current 12.5 million learners with at least one road safety learning opportunity each year.

“The road safety programme should be monitored on a national and provincial level, with quarterly reports on the schools and learners trained,” it said.

In January 2017, the Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) along with the department of basic education announced a partnership which included extending driving lessons into high school curriculum.

The department’s policy was looking at reviewing the current K53 driver’s test, as this will include the development of a new ‘curriculum’ for driver training with further regulations to be introduced for driving schools.

The department has further hinted that the new system could include a practical re-evaluation for drivers when renewing a license, however the policy document does not provide further details or a definite timeframe on when to expect the new system.