A Gift Ministered Through Gospel Music

PICTURE: SunJohn Production

Beyond being a lawyer, business woman and mentor, the rise of a ministering worshiper becomes discovered Ntshiuoa Felicia Shai (26), is well recognized by her stage name Felly Shai.

A gift dug deeper nine years ago had become a part of her life in fulfilling a purpose set for her in music. She was born and raised in Bloemfontein in an intimate area called Rocklands before her grandmother passed on.

A journey worth taking was all it has ever been for the artist, it has been said that “we all start somewhere”, she started pursuing in backing vocals at church for Martin PK, Chris Shalom and T-sharp just to mention a few. Since she was given this platform this was the beginning of a breaking dawn for her career as she was then signed with a company called Praiz Empire House where she currently works with the co-founder Romeo Praizand is managed by IngridRapopo.

Felly’s music career took wheels two years ago but became visible instantly this year. “I am called for this venture, it’s not something I woke up to do, but I was called by my God to do it. Gospel music is the Word of God ministered through music which is really honourable and it means so much to me as I am counted to make Jesus known through music,” Felly assertively expresses.

Often time where we are most comfortable is not our destiny, this has been evident in the life of Felly as she always thought singing was what she was supposed to do in a church auditorium and how she would just be a lawyer attending cases, “little did I know God had a greater call than that,” she said.

The purpose behind her music is to make Jesus known in revelation to many as when many hear the sound and lyrics of the songs, they should hear the Word of God and be blessed and glorify Him. “It’s not really about me, it’s about the mandate given by God.”

Challenges make their way but they never last, she further explains that without them one cannot move forward as their needed so that faith can be exercised. Famously known by an inspiring hash tag #PAUSH (Praying, Acting Until Something Happens)

She is currently working on her music and has an album coming soon. The single ‘O MOHAU’ was released in January and the music video is yet to make the screens soon. Be expectant, from concerts to many more. In future expectations it is said that the bible says “we are the light of the world, a city that is set on a hill that can’t be hidden therefore people should expect that from Felly Shai.

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