Exercises You Can Freely Do In Your Lounge


Exercises can be performed anywhere in the house with the exception of having enough space to enjoy a moment of adrenalin rush. Nothing beats being in control of your body and health.

With the right mind and apply it for a greater cause which is your body and health gradually your body and mind will get into the grip and habit of it. This is likely to keep you motivated to do more and continue building a healthy lifestyle.

It is easy to give up along the way when the results you expect take much longer than expected but with the right preparation you grow in what you do.

Considering cardiovascular fitness at home is not all so bad especially if you are already fit, burpees in that case are the best way to go as they infuse a high extensity of heart rate however it is greater to challenge yourself as you progress.

Improving your stamina gives endurance as it burns out calories in an efficient and effective way. Jumping jacks are fun and also go a long way in strengthening your muscles and works your advantage in giving good coordination.

Jumping rope works well in improving your lungs function well and also tones your legs and lower body giving shape and improves your speed, balance and alignment. Dancing is a full body workout; you can incorporate types of dances such as freestyle which makes your heart pump faster and increases your breathing rate.

Having exercises to do at home in your lounge there is no excuse and not keeping your body healthy. This is conducive and convenient especially when you get back from work after a long day and cannot make it to the gym.