EFF Is Corrupt, Incompetent As The Zuma Camp Ever – Habib


JOHANNESBURG: Wits University Vice Chancellor, Professor Adam Habib says the African National Congress (ANC) has appeased what he believes is the politics of fascism in the EFF.

In an opinion piece published by the Daily Maverick, Habib writes, “The EFF is similarly redefining its raison de tat. But addicted as it is to political spectacle, it has become even more prone to a political populism that incites racism, advocates extreme policies outside any evidential base, and creates a militaristic, violent, nihilistic macho-culture.”

He adds, “The EFF may be younger and perhaps even more politically adept, but its track record is as populist, corrupt and administratively incompetent as the Zuma camp ever was”.

Speaking to a radio host, Stephen Grootes, Habib said: “You have seen in recent days this desire to attract back Julius Malema to the ANC and I think this is effectively this attempt at appeasement.

Over the weekend, both the ANC president and his deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa and David Mabuza vowed to bring back Malema back to the party.

During the voter registration weekend, Ramaphosa said, “We would love to have Julius Malema back in the ANC. He is still ANC down‚ deep in his heart.” He also urged others to rejoin the ANC.

“The ANC is the home of many political parties that splintered out of it and we would like to build unity amongst all our people,” he added. 

I think this a very dangerous attempt because what it brings within the organisation is a particular type of politics. . A politics that borders on racism, a politics that is particularity militant and violent. A politics that takes on rights but never takes on responsibility.

Also while doing the voter registration in Mpumalanga during the weekend, Mabuza said: Malema has a “special space in my heart”. 

“We had times together. He knows. When he was in the ANC‚ I supported him to be the president of the Youth League and I remember comrade Julius saying‚ ‘My blood is black‚ green and gold. I will never leave the ANC’.”

“I feel the ANC has lost in comrade Julius. The ANC will be better off with him inside the fold‚ so I am going to do my best to request him to reconsider coming back home,” Mabuza added. 

However, Habib thinks if they “continue to appease them what you do is legitimise them and buy legistimising them you create the reemergence of the politics of fascism.” 

However, the firebrand leader on Monday reiterated his stance that he would not reconsider returning to the ANC. In a tweet, Malema said the party was dead and had two presidents.

During the IEC’s registration drive at the weekend, a picture of two banners from the ANC Umgayi Branch in KwaZulu-Natal with images of Ramaphosa and former ANC president Jacob Zuma went viral on social media. Both hangings stated that Zuma and his successor were current presidents of the ANC.

“I won’t do it, that thing is dead. Worse they now have two presidents, one for ANC of Natal [KwaZulu-Natal] called Zupta [Jacob Zuma] and Ramapostponer [Ramaphosa] for the rest and now I must go and join the confusion, never [sic],” Malema said.

In response to Malema’s tweet, Ramaphosa told reporters outside the offices of his foundation in Sandton, Johannesburg, that he had expected Malema to respond as he did.

“This is all politics, and it’s a wonderful political response that he has given. The ANC has leadership that was elected at Nasrec … We are a strong organisation once again charging ahead to the 2019 elections to win them,” he said.