Molested Children Exposed To More Sexual Abuse


SAPS Forensic Investigator who is part of the investigation team, alleged to have abused two learners at the AB Xuma Primary School in Soweto.

On Monday 12 March 2018, the alleged investigator visited the victims at the school to prepare the victims to testify against the guard, it is believed the investigator sexually molested the two grade 3 learners aged seven (07) and eight (08) years old respectively.

The pupils are part of the more than 80 children whom were molested by a security guard at the school last year.

In a statement revealed by education department. “We are dismayed, saddened and disappointed that the two learners were also victims in the case currently before the court. That is, the case against the patroller. The children have now become victims of sexual assault twice by different people”.

The matter was escalated to the Family and Child Services, who came to the school to interview the affected learners and their parents.

MEC Panyaza Lesufi said: “These allegations are shocking and disturbing. A person entrusted with protecting children has violated their trust and that of their parents. This man should meet the full might of the law”.

“But most importantly we got relevant evidence that we can use in court. This incident is a major setback,” he concluded.