Retreat Residents Provided With Title Deeds: Cape Town

PICTURE: City of Cape Tow

Cape Town – The City of Cape Town presented Retreat residents with tittle deeds at St Montague Village and its surrounding areas on Tuesday, giving the residents a secured place to call home.

The City handed over 53 title deeds to residents in Retreat areas its surroundings; “today we are handing over 53 title deeds to residents in Retreat and surrounding areas, and we will continue this work across Cape Town,” said the City of Cape Town in a statement.

“We are aware that many of you have waited and might have given up hope, but today we are handing over the proof that you now own the house in which you have been living. We are proud to share this moment with you, and to restore your dignity by giving you ownership of what could be your biggest asset,” said the City of Cape Town while presenting the deeds.

“We wish the official home owners all of the best; we will be celebrating this milestone with many more residents across Cape Town as we give them their right to ownership.”

The City has encouraged beneficiaries of title deeds to be responsible property owners and to take care of their house as it will not be responsible for repairs and maintenance any longer.