SADTU Takes Aim At School Planning


The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) says it has not planned to deal with the number of increase in people within the province.

This comes after the start of the 2018 academic year, where a number of pupil could not find placement is schools, and the number of relocations made by numerous pupil within the Western Cape Province leaving classrooms overcrowded.

In a statement revealed by the WCED, it said it had built 18 more classrooms over the past three years and added 317 mobile classrooms at schools.

During the start of the year, there were 11000 unplaced pupils due to late enrolment and last month the figures stood at 4880.

On the year 2017, about 17000 children in the province were not placed at schools at the start of the year, in areas such as the Cape Flats where they face challenges with placements every year.

WCED spokesperson Millicent Merton said 18 of 24 schools planned for the Medium Term Expenditure Framework period had been built. Five were under construction and the sixth was held up by tender challenges.

South African Democratic Teachers’ Union (SADTU) provincial secretary Jonavon Rustin said, the department should have a plan that monitored migration and urban development patterns to address overcrowding.

“The WCED has not tabled such plan over the years, or consulted us. The department must do an analysis of trends and that will address needs,” he added

In 2015, the WCED said it had updated its User Asset Management Plan to meet fluctuations in demand for the next three-year period.